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Are you a Dutch parent who is trying to find culturally diverse, educational, fun, cartoon shows for your children ? Our show could be for you. Bino and Fino is a cartoon show for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years. The show teaches children about African culture and history. It also covers science, social skills, gender equality and green issues. 

Bino and Fino is now available in Dutch. You can watch an episode here.


The show is now available to download. 



"Mijn kinderen en ik zijn fan .we hebben deel 1&2 in het Engels. Het leuke is dat de kinderen zichzelf kunnen herkennen in de figures en dat vind ik touch wel belangrijk. Behalve dat leren mijn kinderen over afrika wat natuurlijk took leuk is omdat we zelf west afrikaans roots hebben." - Jolanda Mensah - The Mama Club NL

Our students love the Bino and Fino Show! It keeps their attention while teaching lessons and values. It provides teachers and parents with another resource for multicultural teaching. Our Learning Center uses Bino and Fino as a resource tool to promote multicultural education throughout the curriculum. The Bino and Fino show is a great way to introduce African culture and history to young children. We are proud supporters of the Bino and Fino Show! - Monica & Sandra Moore - Kidz Biz

As a parent and an African cultural educator, the importance of Bino and Fino cannot be overstated. Children in the African Diaspora have a limited selection of programming that positively and accurately reflect them. They don’t see themselves represented well in the general populace which could inadvertently send the message that they are not important enough. Bino and Fino changes that by putting a little boy and little girl front and center in their own adventures. The series also highlights the African culture and helps clear misconception of what “African life” looks like. We use Bino and Fino at the CAKE Village as part of our cultural programming resource and can’t wait for more upcoming episodes.— Lande Sanusi - CAKE Village

DVD Reviews

"My children love watching Bino and Fino. It teaches them so much about their heritage in a appropriate manner. Definitely will be buying more. My children sing the song everyday."

 "This is what cartoons should be! Young black children in the diaspora need to see characters that both represent and teach them about the great continent that they originated from and these endearing characters do it with simplistic flair. I love that the characters have accents and the different hairstyles that young girls can relate to. My wish is that we have more cartoons like this. In time I hope to see versions with audio tracks in different African languages. Good job! Can't wait for DVD 2!"

"We were overjoyed to watch the new Bino and Fino DVD 2 after much anticipation. The new DVD gets us excited about the ancient wall of Benin, the ancient manuscripts of Timbuktu, and teaches us about electricity, recycling, and the empowerment of young girls - all through entertaining and vivid imagery and storytelling. My daughter ran to get her globe to find Timbuktu on her globe on the first day we received the DVD, and we are still watching it daily! She has already asked me to buy the third DVD. And of course I will when it is released. We parents comb the universe searching for positive materials that reflect the beauty of our Black children and the greatness of their ancestry. Thank you Bino and Fino! Keep up the great work. We will keep buying!"

Doll Reviews

"Delivery was awesome! I live in the US, Atlanta Ga. I love the video its very educational and pleasant to watch! We purchased the Fino doll for our daughter, there are no african american/brown dolls made by us to support in the USA I am pleased to support quality product to help it grow! Happy Mom!"

"I was so excited when my Fino Doll arrived! I ordered all three dolls, for my younger grandchildren, but they're staying at my house. :-) Fino is such a positive representation: skin tone and hair, and she looks exactly like her character in the DVDs! Thank you so much for your creative genius!!!!!!!

More about Bino and Fino 


The idea for the Bino & Fino cartoon series came about around 2007. The creator of the show, Adamu Waziri, realised that there was a massive lack of true African made children's educational cartoon shows. In Nigeria at the time there were no indigenous cartoon shows that showed children a reflection of themselves. All the cartoon shows were imported and had no link to Africa in anyway. Children are highly impressionable and the human brains learning capacity is the most between 0-6 years. Children’s media is one of the most powerful when it comes to shaping minds. So the fact that children across the world had no cartoon they could watch that genuinely taught them about Africa or represented the continent in a proper way was a worrying one. The Bino & Fino Cartoon Show was created to help rectify this imbalance. 

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