Bino and Fino DVD 2 and Doll Collection

Type: Soft Toys

"I was looking for a show just like this for my kids. This is a great show to help our children with their identity. Thank you" - Just DeWitt

As a parent looking for toys and media that teach your children about Africa in a positive way you’ll love the Bino and Fino show and toys. In many countries, children are rarely taught or shown anything positive about Africa and its diaspora. .

Wonderful things like the Mighty Wall Of Benin in the Kingdom of Benin which was one of the longest structures ever built by man. With the Bino and Fino DVD in this pack your children will learn about this and other amazing things about Africa.

Also they will get their own set of wonderful plush toys of Bino and Fino themselves.Ready to go on fun adventures together. What fun things about Africa and the world will your child learn with Bino ,Fino and Zeena by their side? Will they learn what Jollof rice tastes like? What about the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro? Or what about Nelson Mandela?

Are the plush dolls safe? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We have worked with specialist toy designers and manufacturers to meet the EN 71 safety standard set by the European Union for all our dolls. This safety standard makes sure that all Bino and Fino Plush Dolls are safe to use and fit for purpose. So you can rest assured that we have gone the extra mile to invest in making sure that our dolls are not only fun and unique but are also safe to play with.


Here's What You Get 

  1. Bino & Fino Volume 2 DVD : Roughly 55 mins Duration
  2. Bino Soft Doll: Size 32cm . Hand washable
  3. Fino Soft Doll: Size 34cm . Hand washable
  4. Zeena Soft Doll: Size 21cm . Hand washable


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