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Black Dolls Your Child Would Love

Black Dolls Your Child Would Love

Black Dolls Your Child Would Love

Finding black dolls to buy for kids can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Now more then ever parents want greater diversity in children's toys.  After a bit of research we've put together a short list of black dolls from around the world that we feel are making waves and adding value to children's lives.

Rooti Dolls (UK)

These cute speaking dolls come in different ranges that can speak in several African languages such as Swahili, Hausa, Shona, and Yoruba. Perfect for teaching your young ones about African culture and their heritage. 

Kesha Cane (USA)

Based on a book, Keisha Cane is the story about a curious delightful little Afro-puffed girl.She has an infamous sweet tooth that when it strikes it sets off a laughable chain of events. The author  Ashley Foxx  teamed up with a toy company to bring out these brilliant dolls. Now your little one can have their very own Keisha Cane. 

Queens of Africa Dolls (Nigeria)

The Queens of Africa dolls are one of the most popular range of African dolls made to promote African Heritage. The original dolls, Nneka, Azeezah, and Wuraola  represent Nigeria's three largest ethnic groups - Hausa, Igbo & Yoruba. The mission statement of the brand is to empower young Nigerian girls and other children of African descent. The dolls also come with a booklet that explains the cultures and traditions of the ethnic group that each doll represents. 

Check out there website here

Positively Perfect Dolls (USA)

Award-winning speaker and author, Lisa Williams, is the creator of Positively Perfect Dolls. Inspired by the need to create better representation for future generations of black children the dolls were born. Lisa assures that every one of their toys are designed to show the beauty in diversity, from curly to straight hair and butter cream to chocolate skin.  These cuddly dolls can be found on Amazon and in Walmart stores.

Check out their website here

Ntomb'entle Dolls (South Africa)

Though a recent discovery for us Ntomb'entle Dolls have been around for quite a while. Created by Molemo Kgomo, each doll represents a different tribe in South Africa, giving South African children a strong sense of their heritage. 

For more information visit their Facebook here


We are happy to announce that Ntomb'entle Dolls is now available in the US. Check out their link here

Unity Dolls (Nigeria) 

Created by Auldon Toys, a respected supplier of toy and educational products in Nigeria, Unity Dolls is a collection of 14 inch child developmental dolls. The vision of the project is to meet the demand of parents for dolls that reflect the social and cultural surroundings of children in Nigeria. 

Ethidolls (USA)

Ethidolls is an ethnic African heritage doll range. The collection focuses on African women leaders in History such as Queen Makeda and Yaa Assantewaa. Each doll comes with a book and CD explaining their history. 

My Black Doll ( Netherlands) 

My Black Doll is s dynamic and stylish black doll brand from the Netherlands. Their natural hair doll line 'Natural Hair Barbies' are super chic! They come in different styles and outfits which you can check out on Instagram.

For more details on how to order check out their website here

PoupeeMakedaa (France)

PoupeeMakedaa is a french based doll maker that specializes in unique African dolls in beautiful African print clothing. 

Check their website for stock availability here

The Angelica Doll (US)

Born out of necessity, Angelica Sweeting created a doll to help her accept her skin colour, hair and facial features.  Below is an excerpt from Bella Naija on the new doll.

After much preparation and testing, she created the Angelica Doll – an 18-inch doll that features facial detailing and washable kinky hair just like Sophia’s and her other daughter, Sydney’s hair, under her Naturally Perfect Dolls company. According to Angelica – “We created the Angelica doll to help my daughter with self love, so she would always see a positive reflection of herself in the toys that she plays with.” “The Angelica doll has facial features that are true to women of color. She is here to expand our spectrum of beauty and to give little girls more, so they’re able to see that beauty comes in different shades. In creating the doll, Angelica and her husband took the ideas and final word of their daughters into play so the doll would be the closest thing to a true representation of them and other little girls with kinky hair. She started akickstarter campaign to raise enough money to produce and ship the dolls to help as many girls as possible and they have since doubled their initial target.

Check out her website to place your order.

Natural Girls United (US)

Natural Girls United was started by blogger Karen Byrd .  She “wanted to take on the project of customizing dolls hair, to have the look and feel of styles, and textures of ethnic women and girls, for a long time”.  The range of natural hair styles in her shop is expansive, including locs, kinky faux-twists, kinky braided updos, and afros.  Special orders can be made upon request. 

Check out her website here

Madame Alexander (US)

An established doll company in New York since 1923. On their online store they offer two dolls with naturally looking hair. One is the Isaac Mizrahi Wild About Leopard Girl and the other is the Stars & Stripes Doll.

LeenGreenBean (US)

Aileen Robinson is the owner of LeenGreenBean, a company that sells black dolls with natural hair styles. Her dolls are beautifully crocheted and not at all bland. She also sells the crochet pattern for those who are interested in making their own doll.

Check out her website here 

Nandikwa Dolls (South Africa)

Here is a description about them. The Nandikwa™ Doll brand, Simply Beautiful, is a sole proprietor business, operating from Meyerton, South Africa. Nandikwa™ Dolls is owned and managed by Mmule Ramothibe. The brand started as an idea in 2012 to address the shortage of ethnic like dolls in the market. This gave rise to the birth of the Nandikwa™ Dolls Collection. 

OffDHook Creations (US) 

Beautiful crochet creations designed to bring a smile to any brown girls face. Check out their designs on Etsy and follow them on their journey to spread happiness! 

Momppy Mpoppy (South Africa) 


Barbie is about to have some competition  from this new black doll range from South Africa. Meet Momppy Mpoppy, a South African doll with a funky afro, a lover of adventure and fashion.  The dolls come in different fashionable outfits  and are catching on quite quickly. More importantly, they are giving black girls in South Africa a chance to see themselves in their toys. 

Beautiful crochet creations designed to bring a smile to any brown girls face. Check out their designs on Etsy and follow them on their journey to spread happiness! 

I'm A Pretty Little Black Girl (U.S)

 An 18 inch Mia doll from the popular children's book "I'm A Pretty Little Black Girl!" which follows her adventures, as she plays with her friends.

Kk's Curly Kids ( U.S) 

KK's are a beautiful range of dolls with natural kinky hair which emphasis on positive reflections of natural beauty for children everywhere.


Little Flower Dolls ( U.S) 











The Little Flower Doll comes with three chapter books telling an inspirational story about Civil Rights and ending bullying.

Little Flower's story is told in three Little Flower Novelettes that are sold with the doll.


Brains and Beauty Dolls ( U.S) 

Brains and Beauty Dolls were created to remind young girls how great
they are, to motivate them to believe in themselves, empower one
another and achieve their goals in style.

Their dolls speak twenty encouraging phrases and have real kinky curly hair.