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African Fashion Stores For Children *2020 Update*

African Fashion Stores For Children *2020 Update*

African Fashion Stores For Children *2020 Update*

Outside of the continent, finding African clothing for your little one can some time require some serious searching on google or tracking down an African themed market close to your area. This is especially true if you live in America, Europe and Asia . To help you out in finding lovely clothes for your children we've put together a list of some wonderful children's fashion shops around the world selling designs inspired by many African countries. 

Alines Handmade, (Sweden)



Omalicha, (Vienna)

Adorn by Debola, (Nigeria)

Kekere Kidswear, (Nigeria)

By Kala X, (UK)

Vidole, (Brazil)

KACI African Exports, (US)


Love Buba Designs, (UK)



Afrikrea, (US)

Kelis Africa (UK)

Isossy Children, (UK)

 Isossy Children sells a range of kids clothing online influenced by African & Asian textiles . Their contemporary collection contains a range of cute girls and boys clothing. 

Africa Imports, (USA)

Africa Imports is your mall for all things African. From African fabrics to to African artwork - they've got you covered. Their children's clothing section offers a fun & stylish selection of diashikis, brocade & batik outfits for boys & girls. 

Adorably African, (USA)

Adorably African is an African children's clothing line based in Washington DC that specialises in print designs. They offer everything from baby wrap slings, dresses, skirts and outfits for toddlers. 

SLICE by C.A.K.E, (US)

The fashion line from the African culture centre Culture of Africa for Kids Everywhere (C.A.K.E). They make and sell African inspired clothes and gifts  for today's Afropolitan kids. 

Culture Apparel, (US)

An online shop for Afro-centric clothing, they offer a wide selection of African outfits for mainly adults but do a few cute African inspired outfits for kids too.


Kelechi Fashion, (Netherlands)

Kelechi Fashion is an African clothing retailer based in Zaanstad, Netherlands. Fashion designer and mum, Lara Mulder Anyanwu, designs these very cute African inspired clothing wear and apparel for kids and adults. 

For information on stock and availability you can reach Lara at homemadefashion@hotmail.com 

Facebook page here

Grace & Elie, (US)

Grace & Elie is an African inspired children's brand on a journey to experiment with different colour combinations & distinctive patterns. They provide an adorable selection of stuffed  toy elephants, bibs, dresses, bow ties and accessories for kids.

Africouleur, (France)

Shakara Babies, (UK)


Wonderfully handmade baby dresses made from ankara fabric. Borrowing it's name from the Yoruba word 'shakara' which means to show off,  Shakara Babies believe that designs for baby clothing should equally be as exciting & vibrant as adult clothing.

Shellsbell Kids, (US)

Shellsbells Kids is a fun African clothing retailer based in the U.S . Their unique blend of African and American kids fashion with vibrant ankara inspired silk, chiffon, & sequin dresses for girls are absolutely adorable! 

Z by Ozi, (US)

Z by Ozi is a fun African clothing retailer where fun meets fashion. They design stylish kente print and ankara dresses for both girls and dolls. 

Thumb & Pinky ( USA )

Thumb & Pinky is another one that was brought to our attention. It's run by Jane Robinson who is based in Chicago. Here's how she describes her shop on Etsy.   'Thumb & Pinky is ready for Spring and Summer! You'll find African wax print boy's shirts and girl's skirts that can really handle the heat. Be sure and check out the modern and playful Marimekko print vests, girl's tunics, skirts and sundresses. These clothes are perfect for your stylish kid!'

THREEafrica ( USA )

Here's what THREEafrica have to say about their shop. 'On the surface, we are a small non-profit business that sells interesting and unique clothing, but as you explore this site you will find out that we're a lot more than just a store.  At its core, THREEafrica is a fair trade non-profit organization that helps provide access to education and employment for young Malawian women.  100% of profits from everything we sell goes directly into educational funds to provide these young women with a secondary education. '


Aisu Kids London, UK

Started by two passionate sisters in their home studio,  Daphne Grace and Lois Anne wanted to design garments for daughter and niece.

Happy Village (USA)

Happy Village's goal is to create African inspired fashion for kids of all ages, at affordable prices.


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