The Bino and Fino Afrocentric Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The Bino and Fino Afrocentric Holiday Gift Guide 2017

2017 has been an amazing year. We are delighted to see more companies joining the movement to create more black children's media globally.  In all of this excitement I thought it would be good to put together a gift guide of some of the products these companies provide.

I hope you enjoys them and share with your family and friends. Happy holidays from sunny Abuja! 

Queen Nzingha



Children's author and publisher Akua Agusi collection of books that are designed to develop well rounded children through, history and culture. 

I More Kids

A mama run ethical lifestyle brand that is helping children internalise good values and positive beliefs. All children have a right to a good and positive life and this starts with a foundation which is fueled by self love.


Daddy Do My Hair


Daddy Do My Hair is a series of books which celebrate the unique and special relationship between father and child.

Swahili  Princess 


Queens of Africa



The Queens of Africa dolls are dedicated to help empower children of African descent to be confident and matured ethically. 


Nia Ballerina


Nia Ballerina is a UK based company and we have designed musical jewelry boxes with black ballerinas. They also have cute bags and dolls.


Nthombenhle dolls


In Zulu, Ntomb’entle means beautiful girl. The Ntomb’enhle range represents just a few of our south African and neighbouring countries traditions.


Zollie Zi

The Adventures of Zolie Zi: Zolie Zi is the main character and narrator in a realistic and comical series of children’s books. 

My Daddy Does/ I Love My Fro


Two wonderful books from Case Elisha that explore self love and the special relationship young boys have with their dads. 

Heritage Box


a monthly subscription box set specially curated to teach kids about Black history and African geography :)  

Signature African Bag

Aliyah Learns a New Dance


Aliyyah is thrilled to be representing Nigeria at the African regional dance competition. But will she ever learn all the moves?


I Am Wanda


"Where's WANDA?" tells the story of Little WANDA, a young girl who travels to African countries to discover the healing properties of healthy local foods and brings them back to her community to help people in need!

Adorably African


For fun and exciting African inspired wear for your kids check out Adorably African. Nothing but print love going on over here :) 

Santana's World


Check out Santana's Bad Hair Day! It’s a story about best friends Santana and Milo.  It’s a nice rhyming story which aims to promote diversity and appreciation of self within our children’s books!

Mixed Me Clothing


Mixed Up Clothing is a multiethnic children's clothing line inspired by the textiles, cultures and people of the world, to develop friendships through fabrics. 


Color My Fro/ The Colorful Adventures of Cody & Jay


Two great coloring books from Crystal Swain Bates designed to encourage creativty, promote self confidence and celebrate diversity. 

The Africa Memory Game


 A board game with 100 trivia questions of History, Geography and Culture.


Obi & Titi



The Adventures of Obi and Titi is a series aimed to address the lack of diverse children’s characters in today’s media such as books, education material, animation and games. Through these various forms of media we will provide positive, fun and engaging ways for children to learn about African history and culture and its contribution to early civilization

Issosy Children


Culturally infused collections for kids, delivering a message of modern heritage & inclusion in high end fashion. They also have some really cool African inspired wear for the kids :)




Meltrek is collection of animated lessons that teaches children African American history more in-depth and from an Afrocentric perspective using hip hop music. They also have posters and coloring books for the kids to enjoy.


Melanin OP: African Fabric Toddler Apron 


Here's a gorgeous apron for the minis to cook and craft in! Pockets in front to stash cookies for eating later.




The Adventures of Peacebe and the Heartwatch was created by siblings Leneen Faith and David Campbell. Peacebe is a 6 year old boy who has a magical watch named Heartwatch. With the help of Heartwatch, Peacebe can fly, teleport, transform and much more!


Ikuzi Dolls


Ikuzi Dolls are beautiful black dolls that come in different shades of brown, hair textures and hairstyles.

Zuree Dolls


Zuree is a brand that aims to promote diversity and show all girls they are truly beautiful regardless of their ethnicity. The first doll in the Zuree line is Toya, a Jamaica Patois-speaking cutie with dark skin and curly hair.